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The cutting edge of metal in the new millenium

The Trapping of Innocence
(G. Swart)

- An epic description of some of the internal feelings that a body experiences, and the changes one undertakes in their life as innocence is lost.

Verse 1
Why do you lie?
Forbid your words with which you ruin my life.
Kiss goodbye
The last moment you weren't under the knife.
Walls surrounding the innocence left within
Itself alone to crave and suffer
From the inside

Verse 2
I had it once
The bucket of pain from your heaven
It's all in vain
I had friends but then I went off and left 'em
I'm going insane
Inside these walls I've made so that I would be safe
From the demons
That I sent off to end them
They aint my kind

I feel their end is coming
Melancholy dancers running
The blood of their lives stopped flowing
Wasted and crazed, intoxicated and dazed
From the high of life
I crave the safety of chains, yeah

Verse 3
Trapped inside
My own body 'till it's time to leave it
My hopeless mind
Tells me things when I don't even mean it
The ties that bind
Hold me down to the promise that I shouldn't have made
No, not a single word that I should've said, no!
I've got plans for you

Verse 4
Now it's the end
I had friends, but now I'm gonna leave 'em
They're at it again
Running 'round, cursing and sinning
I will not bend
On these rules that I've made so
I wouldn't be left without a single fuckin' reason
They ain't my kind



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