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The cutting edge of metal in the new millenium

Absolute Power
(G. Stuhr, G. Swart)

- Based on Daniel Quinn's epic novel, "Ishmael", the verses reflect the human race's ignorance toward where our place lies in the world, and our inability to coexist without controlling and destroying our resources and the world's creatures with whom we share this planet.

Verse 1
End your emotions and stop your tears
There is no need for this.
Quit your crying, suppress your fears
I only nearly missed
Countless ideas for countless years
My practice has brought this on.
Pointless attitude killing my ears
I feel it coming on.

Time is the one who treats you
Blind but sharpening the axe
I am the only one who defeats you
The others stop you dead in your tracks

Absolute power is mine
Absolute power
Absolute power is mine

Verse 2
Uncaring, unwilling, it's all for naught
It has covered my mind's eye
Unsharing, joylessly, blood starts to clot
Hear you my final cry
Second hand tears enjoying it all
Ended by means abhorred
All your masters were destined to fall
Now I'm your only lord

Pre-Chorus 2
Climb up on the heads below truth
Stepping on the morales of old
Reaching out for nothing
The last ones are left out with the bold
Absolute power is mine

Downtrodden, inflammation, enraged
Sickened, no vision in a cage
Mind-hole, engorged, no thoughts
Tearing out, entrapped, I'm caught
Please help you!



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