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The cutting edge of metal in the new millenium

False Prophets
(D. Furno, G. Swart)

- Have you ever had religious ideals and concepts shoved down your throat?  Then you know what this song is talking about!

Tears of sadness reign, they're out there,
Hiding behind all these faces.
Holding it inside, without reason
Feeling daybreak out of season.
Would I ever worry 'bout my time here?
Will it end soon or will I die here beside...

Verse 1
The ones who lie broken already from this world
Damning our neighbors and blocking out sunshine
From the eyes of blind masses

Your cancer is killing me
Symmetrical breakdown
Living your lies 
And suppressing the truth all this time
Of what life is

Warring between all our heads
And breaking down the walls within
Scarring every last one of the children's arms
Forget your robes, they mean shit to me!

Verse 2
If I've wasted this time, I'll never forgive you for damning me
And telling me things that aren't true.
This life is mine!  I don't wannna live no other way!

Repeat Chorus

Tears of Sadness, they're still out there
Hidden behind all those faces
Being held inside with just one reason
But why tell me?



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