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The cutting edge of metal in the new millenium

(G. Swart)

- This fast and furious rocker taps into the sadistic tendencies inside so many of us.  It's harsh context will probably offend the weak-minded.  So be it!

Verse 1
I am the one who's pulling you into my world.
You are the one who's pulled out of yours.
My land is the place where you must kneel before me.
My hand rules all, you must kiss and adore me.

'Cause I've got what you need
You're welcome to call me master now.
Lay by my side and you'll see
You'll be willing, I'll be sure somehow
That you'll be ready.

Verse 2
Truth is
 I have every intention of making.
Killing time
Yeah, for all things that I am forsaken.
Lose all
I want you to be unhindered by me.
I can't take any more!
Please let me implore thee to do what I want!

Repeat Chorus

To take it all the way down inside
Get ready
'Cause I am gonna make you mine.
Hold steady
I'm gonna decide when the time is right
Get in the mood tonight
'Cause I'm gonna make you mine!

Verse 3
My plans for you
Yeah, they consist of some sickened behavior.
Throw out all your delusions of grandeur.
It's my vice
This is what I call sadistic persuasion.
There's no fuckin' way
No I'll never give in!

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Bridge


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