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The cutting edge of metal in the new millenium

Sign of the Wolf
(G. Stuhr)

- The first song we wrote as a band, this song has lasted from the garage floor  to the studio, ever-evolving into one of the core elements of our live set.  The song tells the story of a man transforming into a werewolf.  The age-old tale here gets an in-depth treatment, delving into the primal urges and primitive emotions of the metamorphosis.

Somewhere, I feel a change
In me, there flows a rage
No longer what I have been
Never feel weak again!

Verse 1
Through the mist and the wilderness, I'm free to choose my home.
Protector of my mother earth, my path is set in stone.
Mankind is the corruptor, his kind will feel my wrath.
Welcome to oblivion, I kill all who cross my path!

Sign of the Wolf
Totem of Power
Sign of the Wolf
This is our hour

Verse 2
Looking at the moon, I feel my skin begin to crawl.
A sane man with a simple mind, and vengeance takes it all.
Hate is now my substance and pain I do not know.
Rip my heart from this body, still I never slow!

Repeat Chorus


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