The cutting edge of metal in the new millenium

(G. Stuhr)

- A song telling the tale of a battle with addiction, lending itself easily to hypnotic paths, as well as heart-pounding transitions.

Verse 1
Where is your reason?
I'm someone that just doesn't feel.
Something has taken away my need to care.
Something I can't reveal.
Don't you fear me.
There is no need to be afraid.
But there could be
When all my plans have been made

Can you feel the hate when you look in my eyes?
I'll keep you running to the comfort of your usual lies.
I'm in you, I'm in your blood.

Verse 2
So close your eyes now,
I'm gonna make all this pain go away
I'll loosen up these tying binds
'Till I decide that it's time to play
Can you feel me
When I'm in your blood?
Do you fear me?
'Cause I am your God.


Verse 3
I'm gonna strip you of your comfort
And leave you dangling in the wind.
I'll leave you crying out for God
Until you realize that I'm hime.
I wanna hear you scream



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