The cutting edge of metal in the new millenium

Severity will  soon release their debut CD.  Click on the song, and you can read the lyrics, a note from the band, and hear the tune in both MP3 and RealAudio format*.  These songs really rock, so get prepared!

*Sound samples may not be quite ready on all songs, so if your song is not presented in audio, check back soon!


You can also click the buttons below to see all the songs available in the indicated format.

CD Track Listing

   1.  Sign of the Wolf
   2.  As if it weren't True
   3.  Blood
   4.  Piece of You
   5.  False Prophets
   6.  Compulsive Behavior
   7.  Sadistic
   8.  Numb
   9.  The Government Mold
10.  Backbreaker
11.  The Trapping of Innocence

Unreleased Tracks

 1.  Absolute Power  
 2.  Back in the Front
 3.  Play for the Table
 4.  I Can't Breathe



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