The cutting edge of metal in the new millenium

(G. Stuhr)

- One of the darkest Severity songs to date, it chronicles a story of betrayal and sacrifice, vehicled by an ultimate grindcore groove.

Verse 1
The velvet rope that made the noose
Yeah, he's dead, but oh, he looks comfortable.
A turned back and you buried the knife
But still my craving to die again is unstoppable.

Frozen, forgotten, dead
Every time I try to feel, I go numb.

Verse 2
And still I feel you in my blood
A bitter taste that leaves me weak in the knees.
I try to forget, I try to move on,
But still I think another taste is what I need.

Repeat Chorus

Rip my heart, rip my heart out
I can't bleed anymore.
Rip my heart, rip my heart out
I can't feel anymore
So bring it on!

Verse 3
I made mistakes, we made mistakes
So how do our sins make you better than me?
And still you can't see my blood on your hands
Why can't you see you ripped the soul out of me?

Repeat Chorus



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