The cutting edge of metal in the new millenium

As if it weren't true  (4:54)

- Why do people lie?  To protect themselves, others, or sometimes for no reason at all.  This tune reflects the gut-wrenching feelings of betrayal, confusion and fury that consume you when you are outright lied to.

Verse 1
What is this shit you feed me into my head?
In this pit you leave me for dead.
Why is my first instinct to curl up and die?
This contract for death is inked.  I only need time.

Bridge 1
Endless bad reason unfolds
Leaving me out in the icy cold.
Consequences bleeding me dry
I'm just glad I'm not your kind.

The things that I've taken, I'll give back to you.
It's time to pass on now, come on let's move!
Why don't you read me? You just stand and you stare.
You're only acting as if you don't care.
As if it weren't true!

Verse 2
Corrupted by life, lust, loss, greed - all the above,
If you had the things you need would it be enough?
My senses are filling me, I'm froze to the core.
Your heart is black, the sun is gone,
You still need more!

Bridge 2
I can feel your air growing thin.
I'm bent on bringing you to the end.
You could never wreck my face.
I'm gonna put you in your place.

It was like some kind of lie or something.
You know the truth.
Come on let's have it!

Lift me up
I have risen
Above all
Atop your vision
Atop the wall
Walled from the unknown
I see it all
You will be overthrown!

Bridge 3
Faceless animosities run
Are those the only ones who have come
To hear and live my every whim?
When you are near I start to cringe.

Repeat Chorus



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